Welcome to our website: "WE ISRAELITES". Now, we will like to share with you some concerns about the Bible.
Generally, the Christians are unanimous in believing that The Most High left us directives through the Holy Bible. Nowadays, the connotation associated with the Bible is Old Testament or New Testament or both combined. Those who are familiar with former (old) versions of The Holy Bible, among others King James 1611, wonder about Apocrypha. In fact, Apocrypha was an integral part of the Bible until the year 1885 when the State and the Church authorities decided otherwise. So, Apocrypha was literally banished. Thus, the door was largely opened entailing other changes affecting a sentence, a word, and even a letter, MAT 5:17-19. Curiously, certain religions try to justify their deviation by pointing at the Vicar of Rome despite their perception that the latter is wearing the mark of the beast. Wasn't Pilate's behavior!
Mankind has excelled at its shady operations to thwart the divine plan by challenging his laws. Thus, the panorama of the whole world was very different from the one conceived by The Most High. Scientists are vainly trying to reconstruct what they have destroyed by presenting us a model similar to the original one and seem rather pleased to have gilded the pill.
" Every scripture inspired by God is also profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction which is in righteousness,..." 2TIMOTHY 3:16