Welcome to "WE, ISRAELITES" site.
You probably wonder why "WE, ISRAELITES" has been created and what is its purpose?
It is obvious that the creation of the State of Israel by the super powers in 1948 caused a great confusion in the world both in the political and in the religious arena . . Rev 2:9 & 3:9 We tend to assimilate this new nation with the very first created by God in the Old Testament where the 12 tribes of Israel were introduced to us. Gen 49:1-28 . Thus, we are inviting you to explore once more the Holy Scriptures with us. A favorable occasion to deepen your knowledge or to distinguish myths from reality isn't it. The Twelve Tribes will be presented in reference to their biblical, historical and geographical context. The original King James' Bible, dated in 1611, will be our guide. Regrettably, it was falsified on many occasions in history, despite formal warnings of The Most High. Matt 5:18-19 . How can we ignore the usurpation of man predicted by the prophet Daniel 7.25 .
Now, let's try to discover the secret associated with the lost twelve tribes of Israel. That The MOST HIGH accompanies us through this journey. And mostly, that He spreads his blessing upon all our brothers and sisters Israelites for a common faith and a clear message.

And ye shall know the truth,
the truth shall make you free
JOHN 8. 32